Terms and conditions of Stud Fees and mares at stud

Mares are taken at livery for artificial insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen. Mares should arrive prior to coming in season and will be constantly monitored to obtain the optimum timing for insemination. 

Swabs: All visiting mares must have a veterinary certificate stating that the mare has been swab tested and is free from infection (including contagious equine metritis).

Arrival Time: The best time for mares to arrive is just before they are due to come in season. Their follicular development will be constantly monitored to obtain the optimum timing for insemination.

Mare Booking Form: All owners/agents are required to fill in and sign our form when they bring the mare to stud. If the mare is sent with a third party the form must be completed and signed before the mare arrives. Also all mares must be accompanied with their passport.

Hind Shoes: Please make sure all mares arrive at stud without hind shoes. If we have to remove them we will charge accordingly.

Mares and foals will have their feet trimmed when necessary and any costs charged to the owner’s account. Any specific shoeing requirements must be notified to the stud when the mare is booked in.

Worming: Mares and foals will be wormed on arrival and every 4-6 weeks and the owner charged accordingly.

Scanning: It is stud policy to scan all mares. A twitch/sedition maybe used to ensure safety for all. Veterinary charges for such will be chargeable to the owner.

Veterinary: Veterinary assistance will be called in when deemed necessary by the stud and all costs will be chargeable to the owner.

Insurance: The stud accepts no responsibility for visiting horses and does not carry insurance cover; it is the owner's responsibility to provide their own insurance cover.

Cancellation Fees: 25% of the stud fee will be charged for the nomination not taken up unless a Veterinary certificate is produced stating that there is a valid reason.

Visiting Mares: All mares will have the benefit of all pasture available at the stud. Mares may be kept stabled if requested. The stud has a right to feed or stable grass kept mares, if they consider it to be beneficial to the care Mares and foals will be stabled as a result of bad weather if the stud feels this is necessary.

Mares and Foals: Whilst at Week Orchard mares and foals will receive every possible care and attention. The stud accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any accident, theft or disease, nor does the stud imply guarantee of success.

All mares are inseminated at their owners risk, and the stud is not liable for any damages or compensation in respect of any injury or damage whatsoever caused to the mare, including (but not limited to) teasing/artificial insemination and foaling. There is a charge for each insemination of £70 to cover consumables.

Owners must accept that while their horse is at stud to Don Bedo II it is at their own risk. No responsibility for the mare, foal or stallion can be accepted by the stud and all liability claims, damages, costs, loss and expenses of any kind are hereby expressly excluded.

Invoicing: The final account for all board fees, veterinary work, and other costs incurred and outstanding invoices must be paid before the mares leave the stud. Mare owners who send a third party to collect their mares must make arrangements to pay in advance of collection. Mares will not be allowed to leave before payment is made in full.

A £30 charge will be made on any bounced cheque.


The stud reserves the right to refuse entry to the stud to any mare or foal in the event that any of these conditions are not complied with or where they consider that mare or foal to be an unacceptable health risk.

Terms and Conditions of Horses for sale

1: All Horses for sale are open to any trainers or veterinary inspection to asses and ensure suitability prior to purchase. We recommend all Horses are re vetted prior to purchase to ensure peace of mind.

2: Foals or Horses purchased will be secured by a minimum of £500 deposit or 10% of the purchase price if more. For foals full payment is expected on weaning. Insurance is recommended & can be arranged. This deposit is non refundable unless the horse fails a vet check prior to purchase.

3: Horses for sale on behalf of clients will be stated as such, information & breeding regarding such Horses will be supplied by their owner. Any contract remains solely between the current owner & prospective purchaser.

4: A client can secure any Horse by payment of a minimum 10% deposit, which then forms a contract to purchase. All vettings should be carried out at by a vet of your choice. If a vetting is required this should be carried out within 1 week of the payment of deposit or deciding to proceed with purchase. Any deposit is only refundable if the Horse fail the vet within this time. Otherwise deposits are non refundable. If the purchaser should change there mind then any deposit is forfeit. 

5: We strongly recommend insurance is taken out for your new Horse. This can be arranged by us if required.

6: Any balance of payment is due within 3 days by cleared funds. No Horse may be removed from Week Orchard until funds are fully cleared. Any balance remaining unpaid may render the contract cancelled by the purchaser and any deposit is then forfeit.

7: After the balance has been paid we request that horses are collected within 3 days unless otherwise agreed. Horses left after this time may be liable for livery charges.

8: Whilst we make every effort to ensure accuracy of all information on our web site from time to time errors may occur. The details presented within are as a guide only and do not form part of any contract or offer for sale. We do not offer any warranty or guarantee expressed or implied in relation to ability the horses, success, levels achievable, continued soundness etc. We do not offer refunds. It is expected the purchaser is able to decide if a horse is suitable and if not the horse is open to examination by any expert veterinary or otherwise to determine such factors. All Competition Horses, Foals & Youngstock are sold as seen.

9: All horses are tried & assessed at your own & your associates risk. A hard hat must be worn at all times when trying horses. Whilst Week Orchard Performance Horses try to ensure that their horses are suitable for their purchaser, we can not be certain of the purchaser's expectations or riding capabilities. The decision of whether the horse is suitable rests solely with the purchaser. Horses can be unpredictable flight animals and sometimes inherently dangerous. Their temperament can change according to care, management and rider ability. Where a horse has a proven competition record this is deemed to be accurate for the period of ownership.

Should the horse be unsuitable for whatever reason, under no circumstances will a refund be given.

Horses sold on behalf of clients carry no warranty & are sold only subject to vet.

On payment of the deposit or full payment, the purchaser agrees to and accepts the above conditions of sale.

Calls to the stud maybe recorded for training and monitoring purposes.